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Roof Inspection and Surveys

Roof Inspections Dundee

From single story bungalows to tower blocks and factory units, I can provide high quality images and video footage of your roof inspection. I am Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide aerial drone flights in the UK - this covers all types of roof inspections.

Affordable Roof Surveys and Inspections

Having a roof inspected can be a very costly and dangerous operation using traditional methods such as cherry picker, ladders or scaffolding. Plus booking times can vary from a few days to weeks. Not too handy when the water starts flowing in through your roof!

My roof inspections services cover Eastern Scotland including:

  • Dundee
  • Perth
  • Fife
  • Angus
  • Arbroath
  • Montrose
  • Aberdeen

And can be carried out within a couple of hours of your enquiry.

Benefits of a Roof Inspections with Drones

Using Aerial Drone Photography and Video, your costs can be reduced by around 80% compared to traditional roof inspection methods.

  • Carried out by a CAA certified drone pilot to deliver accurate & safe surveys
  • Powerful, state of the art Drone technology for reliability
  • Exceptional Camera Quality, shooting at up to 4K Ultra HD allowing for clear, close up inspection
  • Reduced Health & Safety risk from working at heights
  • Significant cost savings as no requirement for Scaffolding and Access Equipment
  • Reduced time on-site and occupier disruption

Detailed Roof Inspection Photos

Your Roof Inspection is done using Drones fitted with 48 megapixel cameras. This gives immense detail to your photographs and can also provide you with 8k video footage showing more details of the areas in question.

The roof inspection will normally take around 1 hour in total to complete. Once finished your photos will be processed and sent to you as JPG files. I can also provide highly detailed videos up to 8k which we can send to you as MP4 files.

Does your roof need a repair?

Having a roof inspection done will allow you to decide quickly if you need roof repairs carried out and also allow you to see exactly what needs repaired. I'm sure you are aware that there are companies out there who know you can not see on to your roof and may be telling you that sections of the roof are in need of repair when in fact there is nothing wrong! These photos and videos can quickly clear up any discrepancies.

The image below was taken 5 meters from the roof and zoomed in from the original photo - this will let you see the amount of detail that is achieved from a general roof inspection image. You will receive the original images, enhanced to show the best detail possible.

Book a Roof Inspection or Survey

If you would like to book a roof inspection or survey and your property is in or around Dundee, Perth, Angus, Tayside or Fife, please use the form below. I will get back to you shortly.

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